Huper Optik Philippines, Inc. is a subsidiary of the LausGroup of Companies. It is the exclusive country distributor of Huper Optik(R) advanced nano-ceramic multi-layer window films, the first and only brand in its class that uses the patented advanced German nano-ceramic multi-layered technology in window films.

Huper Optik Philippines, Inc., through the LausGroup of Companies, officially sealed the partnership with Huper Optik International Pte Ltd on March 3, 2011 at the LausGroup Corporate Center, Jose Abad Santos Avenue, City of San Fernando, Pampanga.

Huper Optik International Pte Ltd

Huper Optik International Pte Ltd, was established in 1997, ushering the window film industry into a new era with the world's first and only patented advanced German nano-ceramic solar control window films for automotive, commercial-architectural and marine applications. The beginning of Huper Optik(R) was more than six years of research and development with the co-operation of four major corporations and institutions namely:

Fraunhofer Institute (Germany)

Southwall Technologies Inc. (USA)

PSB Corporation (Singapore)

Novomatrix Pte Ltd (Singapore)